FAQ's (Mildmay Minor Ball)

We have many questions throughout the start of the season.  

Here are a few select ones that we wanted to address. 

1.Why is registration not in Jan/Feb each year? It would be easier to know our summer schedule.

That sounds like a great idea but when it comes down to scheduling, we are still part of a larger league that has to meet and set up available diamond times and each minor ball centre doesn't precisely know how many times they will have each year. 
We try our best to get the scheduling out as soon as we receive it.  

2. Why do offer both softball and hardball in U9 and above? 

We try to offer both as some children prefer a certain way of playing. If we don't have the numbers to make both SB and HB teams, we may have to consolidate to one or the other so we have that age group available. It depends on the registration each year. 

3. What type of equipment does my child need? 

A baseball helmet with a cage and a baseball glove. 
Bats, uniform shirts and balls are provided by Mildmay Minor Ball. 

4. When are our tournaments? 

Tournaments are set up when the spring scheduling meetings occur for the leagues and will be communicated by the team coaches. 

5. Do you use an app to help with game schedules? 

Yes, our website includes the SportsHeadz App that is available for free download.  Here is the link for the help section for parents/guardians.   https://support.sportsheadz.com/article/201-help-parents 

6. My child has never played baseball. Can they start baseball at any time? 

Absolutely! Starting younger is a bit easier but overall, it's important to foster that interest in your child and they will develop skills fast at that age.